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Klub gurmana i hedonista, Split

Klub gurmana i hedonista is a place for true conossieurs of good food and fine wines. I am Mate Teklić and I have been drinking wine since I was 3 years old, as the elders told me so, but I have managed to "see" the complexity of this beautiful product only in last few years. Goethe once said that life is too short to drink bad wine and I hope it is not too late for me.

Wine in our Klub is accompanied by its natural allies – anchovies, cheese, olive oil, olives, sauseges and many other fine foods that will thrill you. We store wines solely made of grapes, without additional aromas or other stuff and foods prepared without preservatives, nitrites and other evils of modern food preparation.

Therefore, get yourself ready for a journey to our world of good food and fine wines.

Phone: +385 (0)91 380 3966 | Email: info@winetastingcroatia.com

Come see us on the Radunica, at our address Kuzmanićeva 13, 21000 Split, Croatia


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